Merle Bennett – drums
Torsten Papenheim – guitar

rant exists since 2004 and explores the possibilities of duo playing to the extreme and has developed a very unique musical identity. The interlocked play of Merle Bennett and Torsten Papenheim creates an exciting balance between precision and playfulness, groove and looseness, sound and song.

For further material and information please visit rant’s website , bandcamp and vimeo.




rant „to raise hell as we go along (CD, Unit, 2019)“

rant „margo flux“ (CD, schraum, 2015)

rant „land“ (CD, schraum, 2011)

rant „a direct sensuous pleasure“ (CD, schraum, 2006)

rant „seumsund / sundseum“ (CD, schraum, 2004)


A musical revelation.
Annemarie Bauer, skug, Austria

Well worth checking out by adventurous listeners.
Michael Rosenstein, Cadence Magazine, USA

Abstract without being academic. Avantgarde without airs of preciousness.
Andreas Fellinger, freiStil, Austria

rant display a fine precision and deliberation in their crisp work which is extremely engaging – stark shapes, minimalism, mystery, weight.
Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector, Great Britain

Great music between improvisation and reduced post-rock. From Berlin, but sounds like Chicago.
Till Kniola, Auf Abwegen, Germany

rant succeed with quiet, but often dizzying awareness of the sounds within their environment waiting to be exposed.
Mike Wood, Music Emissions, USA

Echoes of American music history are buzzing through these eccentric arrangements that people like Henry Kaiser, Jack White and Eugene Chadbourne are likely to love.
Rolf Thomas, Jazzthing, Germany

They take songs apart, peel the layers off and putting them back together again in a very uniquely authentic and yet eccentric way.
Karl Gedlicka, Concerto, Austria

The music is always stripped down to its essence, and transparently recorded. Each piece breaths a sympathetic simplicity. Their music sounds fresh and engaging, and has a positive, sometimes even childlike, atmosphere.
Dolf Mulder, Vital Weekly, Netherlands


new dates coming soon
03.05.2024, Greiz, Jazzwerk Festival
04.11.2023, Darmstadt, Goldene Krone
03.11.2023, Stuttgart, Theater La Lune
02.11.2023, Backnang, Professor Pröpstls
08.10.2023, Lübeck, Waldzimmer
07.10.2023, Neumünster, KDW
29.03.2023, Berlin, Petersburg Art Space
29.10.2022, Vienna, VEKKS
28.10.2022, Vienna, Atelier Sachlink
27.10.2022, Steyr, Kulturverein Röda
26.10.2022, Brno, Ponava
25.10.2022, Volyně, Městské Muzeum
24.10.2022, Prague, Palác Akropolis
10.07.2022, Karlsruhe, Kohi
09.07.2022, Weinsberg, Subdorsch
08.07.2022, Stuttgart, Theater La Lune
07.07.2022, Chemnitz, Weltecho
18.06.2022, Berlin, Kühlspot Social Club
22.10.2021, Berlin, Kühlspot Social Club
04.09.2021, Baruth, Weinberg
16.10.2020, Düsseldorf, Subsol
15.10.2020, Wuppertal, Ort
24.09.2020, Göttingen, Kim
13.06.2020, Sassnitz, Grundtvighaus
07.02.2020, Brno, Ponava
06.02.2020, Graz, Interpenetration
05.02.2020, Ostrava, Bludný Kámen
04.02.2020, Banska Stiavnica, Eleuzina
02.02.2020, Prague, Kafe Petrohradska
26.01.2020, Baruth, Jazzexpress
27.11.2019, Berlin, Panda Theater
21.11.2019, Stuttgart, Tearoom
10.05.2019, Potsdam, Jazzlab
06.04.2019, Berlin, Sputnik Kino
08.09.2018, Berlin, Zwei Tage Wedding Festival
08.06.2018, Berlin, TP Birthday Festival
16.11.2017, Karlsruhe, Kohi
15.11.2017, Stuttgart, Kiste
30.06.2017, Berlin, Culture Container
24.06.2017, Hamburg, Atelierhaus 23
23.06.2017, Bremen, Elefant
08.07.2016, Berlin, Fincan
21.06.2016, Göttingen, Art Supplement
20.06.2016, Wuppertal, Musikapotheke
19.06.2016, Cologne, Büro für Brauchbarkeit
18.06.2016, Hannover, Tonhalle
12.12.2015, Berlin, Quiet Cue
04.12.2015, Prague, Skolska 28
03.12.2015, Graz, Interpenetration
02.12.2015, Ostrava, Bludny Kamen
01.12.2015, Vienna, Rhiz
17.05.2015, Hamburg, Astra Stube
16.05.2015, Berlin, Sputnik Kino
28.03.2015, Berlin, Mastul
11.12.2014, Berlin, Marie Antoinette
22.11.2014, Hannover, Tonhalle
19.11.2014, Stuttgart, Kiste
18.11.2014, Karlsruhe, Kohi
01.11.2014, Berlin, Galerie im Turm
24.10.2014, Berlin, Acker Stadt Palast
25.10.2013, Oberhausen, Rein Privat
24.10.2013, Wuppertal, Galerie Kunstkomplex
23.10.2013, Essen, Free Essen Festival
22.10.2013, Cologne, Plattform
19.10.2013, Berlin, Quiet Cue
17.05.2013, Berlin, Antje Öklesund
11.01.2013, Berlin, Garagenoper Festival
18.12.2011, Göttingen, Grenzwerte
14.10.2011, Karlsruhe, Kohi
13.10.2011, Stuttgart, Stromraum
12.10.2011, Graz, Interpenetration
11.10.2011, Vienna, Fluc
08.10.2011, Schöneiche, Kulturgießerei
06.10.2011, Hamburg, Frappant
04.06.2011, Berlin, schraum Label Festival
01.12.2010, Berlin, Theaterkapelle
16.01.2010, Finsterwalde, Arche
06.10.2009, Berlin, Antje Öklesund
05.10.2009, Berlin, Labor Sonor
29.05.2009, Berlin, Electronic Church
08.05.2009, Brussels, Halfenhalf
05.05.2009, Leipzig, Noch Besser Leben
03.05.2009, Hamburg, Astra Stube
02.05.2009, Berlin, Miss Hecker
23.10.2008, Berlin, Spielfeld
19.10.2008, Stuttgart, Fluctuating Images
18.10.2008, Ludwigsburg, Max Experimentell
28.06.2008, Leipzig, Recordings for the summer
24.06.2008, Berlin, Antje Öklesund
27.03.2008, Berlin, Kulturhaus Mitte
24.01.2008, Berlin, Gelegenheiten
19.10.2007, Hamburg, Freitagsmusik
18.10.2007, Hamburg, Astra Stube
12.11.2006, Berlin, NBI
10.11.2006, Bremen, Café Kurzschluss
09.11.2006, Hamburg, Astra Stube
07.10.2006, Stuttgart, FFUS
30.09.2006, Berlin, Stralau 68
14.04.2006, Berlin, Ausland
11.09.2005, Berlin, NBI
08.09.2005, Cologne, Kulturbunker Mülheim
06.09.2005, Oberhausen, Rein Privat
05.09.2005, Göttingen, JT-Keller
01.09.2005, Schwerin, Thalia
31.08.2005, Hamburg, Schilleroper
27.08.2005, Berlin, LaLeLy
23.08.2005, Berlin, NBI
11.05.2005, Berlin, Ausland
10.05.2005, Hamburg, Skam
16.12.2004, Berlin, Club der polnischen Versager
04.12.2004, Berlin, Labor Sonor
04.09.2004, Berlin, LaLeLy
08.03.2004, Berlin, Labor Sonor
15.01.2004, Berlin, Kulturhaus Mitte
19.07.2003, Berlin, Montage Festival
08.07.2003, Berlin, Galerie Zero