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whisper / whistle

w h i s p e r / w h i s t l e

christoph funabashi - guitar & objects
torsten papenheim - guitar & objects

hamburg-based guitarist christoph funabashi and berlin-based guitarist torsten papenheim first met in 2010. 
since then they have been working together on several occasions:
staging torsten's opera "schattenspiel" with garagenoper kollektiv (2011),
performing christoph's quartet for styrofoam objects "priele" (2012),
producing christoph's recording of john zorn's "book of heads" (2012),
christoph performing torsten's "shudder studies" for solo guitar (2015), ...

in 2017 the two finally started playing duo performances: whisper / whistle.

whisper / whistle means music without electricity, cables, amplification – just two guitars and a lot of tiny objects. funabashi and papenheim perform (re-)improvisations and instant compositions exploring static structures, imperceptive transitions and random noise.

{please use headphones for listening!}

„hamburg # 6“ [demo recording 2017]

„hamburg # 12“ [demo recording 2017]

„hamburg # 8“ [demo recording 2017]

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