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rant: margo flux
cd, schraum (berlin), 2015

"abstrakt, aber nicht akademisch. avantgardistisch, aber ohne allüren."
(freistil, austria)


rant: land
cd, schraum (berlin), 2011

"rant display a fine precision and deliberation in their crisp work which is extremely engaging."
(the sound projector, uk)


torsten papenheim: some of the things we could be
cd, schraum (berlin), 2009

"un disque d'une sophistication irrésistible." 
(le son du grisli, france)


torsten papenheim: mülheimanderruhr
single track on compilation flshbx pladde
vinyl 2 x 7inch, flshbx (hamburg/cologne/berlin), 2007


rant: a direct sensuous pleasure
cd, schraum (berlin), 2006

"this is a deconstruction of mainstream music." (neo-zine, usa)


ludwig lugmeier: der mann, der aus dem fenster sprang
audiobook, music by tp
3 x cd, verlag antje kunstmann (munich), 2005


swift machine: swift machine
cd, creative sources (lisbon), 2005

"a boiling and constantly distressed set of abstract, yet brutally physical sounds." (chain dlk, italy)


rant: seumsund / sundseum
cd, schraum (berlin), 2004

"a release that is well worth checking out by adventurous listeners." (cadence magazine, usa)


kainkwatett: kainkwatett
cd, schraum (berlin), 2004

"kainkwatett's music and its deliberate nature make musical economy quite attractive." (fakejazz, usa)


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