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r a n t

merle bennett – drums
torsten papenheim – guitar

rant exists since 2003. the interlocked play of merle bennett and torsten papenheim creates an exciting balance between precision and playfulness, groove and looseness, sound and song.

after three album releases and numerous tours rant created their first scenic work “uthlande“ in 2013. In “uthlande“ the guitar becomes a percussion instrument and the drum set an amplified lo-fi-electronic device. the use of preparations, contact mics and samples creates a sound much more abstract and noisy than the earlier works of rant.

in fall 2015 the latest rant cd “margo flux“ - combining fragments of “uthlande“ with new compositions and improvisations - was released by schraum.


please use headphones for listening!

“apercu“ [from “margo flux“ 2015]

“stel / radik“ [from “land“ 2011]

“spanmenge“ [from “a direct sensuous pleasure“ 2006]

“lass das schön“ [from “seumsund / sundseum“ 2004]

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