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t o r s t e n   p a p e n h e i m

the music of torsten papenheim is located somewhere between melody and noise - to be taken as either a combination or a counterpoint. his music can be heard on numerous records and during the recent years he played concerts in germany and all over europe.

as a performing musician torsten papenheim is mainly active as soloist, 
with guitar&drums-duo rant (merle bennett - dr and tp - g) 
with tru cargo service
(alexander beierbach - ts, berit jung - b, christian marien - dr, tp - g),  
with improvising acoustic-guitars-duo whisper / whistle (christoph funabashi - g, tp - g).

papenheim writes music for several ensembles and occasions. recent compositions are "nachtprogramm" for trombone, bass and piano (cologne 2017); "marg bar hichkas" for two pianos and three snare drums (berlin 2016); “shudder studies” for solo guitar (hamburg 2015); “syntax zwei" for violoncello and bass (vienna 2013); “bt n rs” for french horn, guitar, harp and piano (helsinki 2013) and the chamber opera “schattenspiel” (berlin 2011). 

from 2004 to 2016 he was running the cd label schraum together with axel haller and merle bennett.